Introducing: Super Six Golf!

Posted on January 22, 2024

Introducing Super Six Golf at Collier Park Golf – Fore the busy Golfer

Busy life or long work days getting in the way of your passion for Golf? We’ve got exciting news for you!

Collier Park Golf is introducing Super Six Golf – an option for those who crave a quick and enjoyable round of Golf, who otherwise wouldn’t be able to play due to your busy schedules.

Starting from Tuesday February 6th, you’ll be out on our course from 5:56pm for only $15 – every Tuesday and Friday evening. 

Here are the details:

🔵 Super Six – Lakes Course Adventure

Embark on a swift but quality Golfing journey through the first 6 holes of our Lakes Course with the Super Six hole offer! Start on hole one and enjoy the first 6 holes of our Lakes 9, finishing up on the 6th hole with an easy walk back to the golf shop.

Perfect for your evenings when you want a quick round, but desire an experience that is close to the full version of 9 holes.

Tip: if you’ve got busy friends or family this will be a fun round to get together for! And if you’re a beginner, this may be a quiet time to enjoy your new hobby without the typical rush. 

🏌️‍♀️ Why Play Super Six (and why are we introducing it)?

  • Golf is a lengthy commitment, and too many Golfers are forced into early retirement because of their tight schedules! Super Six gives busy Golfers the opportunity to keep playing the game they love.
  • Later tee times allow people to enjoy the freedom that comes with playing later in the day, and should enable people to enjoy a quick round after work before heading home!
  • $15 for 6 holes is super affordable and value for money, meaning that getting onto the course is easier than ever before, for busy and beginner Golfers alike!

🔍 Important information:

  • Bookings are essential and online – just like twilight bookings
  • Twilight will run as normal and now starts at 5pm from Monday Feb 5th
  • First Super 6 tee time starts at 5:56pm
  • Bookings open 2 days beforehand at midday
  • Super 6 is on Tuesday and Friday evenings only


⏱ Where to from here?

We believe that Golf should be accessible to everyone, regardless of how packed their schedule may be. With Super Six Rounds of Golf at Collier Park, we’re making it easier than ever before for you to enjoy the game you love.

And starting from February 5th, you’ll be able to try it our for yourself!

So, mark that date on your calendars and let your other busy friends/family know about this awesome opportunity. We can’t wait to see more people involved in this beautiful game!