A Short Course Golf Option to Reduce Overwhelm in Beginner Golfers!

Play 9 holes of Golf without the rush. Use our short course format specifically built for beginners to enjoy the game without the nerves 




Book online for a short-course round

Arrive at Collier Park 15-30 minutes before your round

Enjoy relaxed, stress-free Golf

We know how overwhelming it can be to play Golf as a beginner 

Especially on a busy Golf course!

Here are some common feelings for beginner Golfers (and let’s face it, most Golfers) as they get into the game…



You worry about slowing other Golfers down


You stress out when it feels like forever to complete each hole


You feel nervous on every shot, especially when others are watching 

And that can lead to rounds full of anxiety, rushing, and frustration. In some cases – it stops you from playing Golf altogether. We don’t want that for you at Collier Park. We have had hundreds of beginners play our short course and grow their love for the game. It will work for you too.  





Instead, our Short Course users get to enjoy 

Relaxed Golf without the same time (or length) pressure 

Tee boxes that are closer to the green, so you get putting sooner! 

A course option better suited to your ability, giving you more confidence to play 

Quality clubs you can hire if you don’t have your own, so you can enjoy a proper experience 

Reduced overwhelm with a course that is less busy, with less Golfers to worry about 

This beautiful game more often, on their own terms, with excitement and fun! 

But don’t just take our word for it! 

Here’s what some of our customers have to say about our community Golf course 


How to know if the short course is right for you…

At Collier Park Golf, we know you are new to Golf and want to enjoy it more regularly. This hobby is slowly turning into a healthy obsession, and so you want to get out on the course as much as possible.  

But in order to achieve this, you need course options that fit your game and skill level. The problem is we understand how difficult it can be for a beginner Golfer to get out on the course. With golfers everywhere, time pressure, and the length of a course, it’s an overwhelming experience for any person who is new to the game.  

And often, your default is to simply not play altogether, missing out on opportunities to enjoy this wonderful sport.  

We believe it doesn’t have to be this way.  

That’s why we decided to create our short course option, for beginners who want to finally get out on course without feeling rushed, overwhelmed, and frustrated!  

Give the short course a go and see how it can work for you.  

So, how does this all work?  And what’s the cost? 

Great question(s)! Here’s all you need to to know to get started: 

Course details: 

  • Our short-course is available Mondays-Thursdays 
  • Rounds start from 4:30pm and are played on our Pines and Island courses, alternating each night 
  • You will be playing during Twilight where other Golfers might also play, but your tee boxes are further down the fairway (look out for the signs) 


Booking details: 

  • Head on over to our booking platform and select “Twilight” as your option 
  • Scroll down until you find “short course” next to the course it’s playing on 
  • Select the available slot(s) you’d like to take and follow the prompts until you’re booked in 
  • Tip: short course best enjoyed with friends 


Rules and pricing: 

  • There basically are no rules… throw your ball out of the bunker if you like! 
  • All players do need their own clubs – we have hire sets for anyone in need 
  • Children under 16 will need adult supervision 
  • Short course bookings are $18 only, and hire sets are available if you don’t have clubs!