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Weekly Ladies Golf Clinic

This weekly class is aimed at enjoying, learning and improving all areas of golf in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Run every Monday morning by our highly experienced PGA Professional, Scott Barr.

This class has a maximum class size of 8.

Bookings are on a weekly basis.

Every Monday 9.30 – 10.30am

Cost: $35 per class

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Beginners Clinic

Beginners classes are suitable for new golfers or golfers with just a little experience. The objective of this series is to develop key swing techniques and introduce you to all the major areas of the game.

Classes run for 1 hour over 4 consecutive weeks with a different aspect of the basic fundamentals covered in each session:

Week 1 Equipment explanation – Basic grip /Posture/Ball Position & Full Swing-Medium iron

Week 2 Chipping – Grip / set-up/posture/low point control

Week 3 Pitching – Grip /set-up/length of swing/weight transfer

Week 4 Putting – Grip /set-up/ speed /green reading/putting competition

Cost: $120

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Intermediate Classes

Intermediate classes are designed to continue from the beginner classes and are a great way to keep up momentum and get yourself ready to tackle the golf course.

Suitable for beginners or golfers with a basic understanding of the swing, who are looking to learn correct fundamentals.

Week 1 Full Swing/Woods – Pitch shot / medium iron play / hybrids / ball position / driver swing

Week 2 Bunker Play – Equipment clarification and demonstration / set-up / basic bunker shot

Week 3 Chipping and Pitching – Longer chip / pitch shots with harder degree of difficulty

Week 4 Putting – Various putting drills / longer distances for speed control

Cost: $120

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Short Game Masterclass Intermediate

A short game masterclass consists of 2 x 2 hour classes. Suitable for intermediate players who would like to improve their technique and distance control. The program includes:

Week 1

Putting – Stroke basics, grip pressure points, ball contact

Chipping – How to pivot, ball contact, choosing the right club

Sand Play – Correct stance and technique

Week 2

Putting – Review Week 1, green reading, long putts – drills

Chipping – Review Week 1, lob shots, low shots, rough shots

Pitching – 30-60 meter shots, contact and distance control

Cost: $199

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Break 30 Putting Clinics

Putting Clinics are a great way to lower your score/handicap with immediate results.

This 2 hour clinics is focused on:

Putter Fitting: Choose the putter to match your stroke, correct length and lie angle

Grip and Posture: Green reading – how and where to aim your putter

Key factors to maintaining a consistent strike: Various drills with short, long and breaking putts

Cost: $75

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