New to Golf?

If you’re new to golf, we understand that it can be quite daunting to walk onto a golf course and have everyone assume you know what you’re doing. We’ve created this guide specially to help you get started and improve your skills. If you have any questions, our team in the Golf Shop are a mixture of recreational golfers and qualified Golf Pro’s (including some transitioning between the two!) and are on hand to help explain the game, the equipment and to get you started.

How to actually get started:

If you’ve never played before, we really recommend our 4-week Beginners Clinic. This will teach you all the basics you need to start practicing on your own, you’ll meet new people who are also learning and form friendships who may just become your new golfing buddies!

There’s more information on lessons here.

If you already know your driver from your wedge, but it’s been a while, a private lesson is the way to go to make sure you’re practicing the correct technique while minimizing the risk of injury.
Once you’ve got the basics, go practice! As with any sporting technique, you use it or lose it! Collier Park has some great practice facilities; here’s how they work:

Driving Range: Open until 8pm every day, all you need to do is pop into the Golf Shop, purchase a bucket of balls (from $6) and grab any available bay on the range. Bookings are not required. Clubs are also available to hire for just $2 each - just let our staff know that you're new to the sport and they can explain the different types of clubs available for your practice.

Putting & Chipping Greens: These two greens sit between our Golf Shop and the Driving Range. If you have your own golf balls, they are free to use whenever the venue is open, and no bookings are required. Putting & chipping are crucial elements of the golf game and are just as important to practice as the long shots. It’s kind of like skipping leg day in the gym if you don’t regularly practice these skills. If you don’t yet have a few golf balls to practice with, we can help you with that. We sell a whole range of balls, from refurbished balls for just $10 a bag, right up to professional tour level balls. Just give us a nudge and tell us you’re learning, and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Mini Golf: It may seem like a fun kids’ activity, but we have many seasoned golfers turning to our Mini Golf course to practice their putting skills! It presents different challenges to a flat green and improves your hand-to-club-to-ball coordination. Plus, they’re not wrong – it is fun! You don’t need a booking for Mini Golf.
There's no such thing as "I'm not good enough yet" - just get out there and have a go, there's no pressure at Collier Park! If you're nervous, try our Twilight Golf times after 4pm where for just $16 you can play as many holes as you like before we close. So, play two holes, play 5, play 9, it’s up to you. Don't worry about the rules - throw your ball out of the bunker if you like! Just get a feel for the course, have a laugh and enjoy being out there!

Keep learning and ask questions: Once you’ve had a bit of practice and you’ve introduced your ball to the trees (we all hit trees, don’t worry), it’s a good idea to get another lesson or two. Or three. You’ll undoubtedly have forgotten some aspects of technique which will really help your game, and if you keep reminding yourself of these and expanding your skills, you’ll save yourself a lot of frustration and will see your game improve dramatically.

Lessons can be short and sharp or last a couple of hours; in a group or on your own – it’s really up to you, your time constraints and budget. Check our all our lesson options here.

Ask questions of our team: That’s what we are here for! We just want to see you enjoying your time on course, so if we can help, we most definitely will!
Twilight Short Course: This really is the perfect entry to the golf course. Every Monday – Thursday afternoon from 4pm, we’ve set a shorter course overlaying one of our 9-hole courses. Our Short Course makes it much easier to reach the green and reduces the time pressure but still demands that all skills are used and practiced. You can book your Twilight Short Course tee time here and select the course that has ‘Includes SHORT COURSE’ next to it.

- Please check-in at the Pro Shop 10 minutes prior to your tee off and let our friendly staff know you are new to golf.
- All players will need a separate set of golf clubs. These are available for hire in the Pro Shop. Golf balls and tees are not included in the hire set but are also available at the Pro Shop for purchase.
- Children under 16 years will need adult supervision.
- Look out for our helpful tips on the signs half way down the fairway – your starting point.

Find out more here.
Do I need to book? For lessons and to play a round of golf, yes, bookings are highly recommended. We do accept walk-ins but we can get pretty busy, so always best to book to guarantee yourself a game. You can book online here: Lessons | Golf or give us a call on 9484 1666.

Bookings are not required for our practice facilities (driving range, putting & chipping) or for Mini Golf.

Do I need to be a member? Nope! Collier Park is a public golf course so absolutely anyone can play, 7 days a week. If you’re big enough to hold a golf club, come on down and have a hit!

What equipment do I need? To play golf, you’ll need a few clubs to get you started, some golf balls, and a glove (ideally) so that you don’t get blisters on your hands. You can hire Clubs (either just a couple or a whole set) from our Golf Shop and purchase balls and gloves from us too. So that we can keep everyone moving swiftly around the course, we do require that each player has a set of clubs when playing on course. If you’re not too sure what you need, just ask our team – we are always happy to help new golfers.

What should I wear? Some golf courses do have dress codes, but Collier Park is very relaxed. Anything you can walk around and move in freely is perfect. Sports/leisure wear is ideal. We do ask that you have enclosed shoes and at least a t-shirt (no singlets). The rest is up to you! In summer, we recommend you be sun smart with long sleeves and a hat.

Where do I go when I arrive? We have ample free parking at Collier Park so just park and head towards the flag poles. That’s our Golf Shop building and should be your first stop. This is where you’ll pay for your bucket of balls, lesson or round of golf and its where you’ll find our team to ask your questions. From there, we’ll let you know how to get your hire balls, find your coach or get to your first tee.

What amenities are at Collier Park? As well as our stunning 27-hole golf course, practice facilities and Mini Golf, we have hot showers and changerooms, Mens/Ladies/Universal Access toilets and a fully licensed Collier Café with alfresco and indoor dining areas. There are also toilets out on the golf course – one on each 9-hole course.