Cappy Hour: Great Coffee for Less

Posted on January 4, 2024

Cappy Hour: Cheaper Coffees to Avoid Your Afternoon Lull. 

Energise your afternoon with $4 coffees at Collier Park Golf Course between 1pm-7pm all week!


We’re excited to announce: Cappy Hour at Collier Park is now available! 

A play on from your regular “Happy Hour”, we’re introducing the same thing but with a caffeinated twist!

Instead of paying normal coffee prices, we’re offering coffees of all sizes for only $4* anytime between 1pm-7pm right here at the outstanding Collier Cafe.

(Larges are usually $6).

That way, you now have an excuse for that afternoon coffee that you KNOW you want! With an awesome view to enjoy it with (because who doesn’t enjoy the beautiful surrounds of our Golf course…).

So, next time you’re at work, relaxing on a weekend afternoon, or about to head out for a round on our Golf course – be sure to take advantage of Collier’s Cappy Hour! With the lift it’s going to provide, you’ll be happy that you did.