Collier Park boasts some of the most experienced club repair professionals in Perth.

With literally decades of experience, our team of PGA Golf Professionals work from a fully equipped workshop on site at Collier Park, which means we offer a range of club repair and adjustment services right here behind our Golf Shop.

You’ll also find friendly, honest advice from our team: we’re not into pushing the most expensive gear or unnecessary repairs. We want to help you improve your game so that you simply visit us more often and enjoy more golf! Sometimes this may be as simple as fitting a different grip.

Our Golf Pros just LOVE to talk golf, so if you’re unsure about what you need, please do pop in and have a chat with us. In the meantime, below is a guide to our repair services.

Warning: Properly adjusted clubs may reduce the number of excuses available while on the course.


Changing your grips will make you perform better in the rain or when your hands are sweaty. You’ll experience more traction, more comfort and less tension in your hands – all resulting in smoother swing (just like getting new tyres on your car can lead to a smoother ride).

Collier Park stocks a wide range of grips to fit all sizes and, most of the time, we can do a quick re-grip while you wait.


Look, we’ve all at least been tempted to do it, and there’s certainly no judgement here if you walk in with a snapped or bent club. We won’t even ask what happened! We can replace a broken or bent shaft which will save the cost of replacing the entire club.

Even if you’ve managed to not snap a shaft over your knee, getting your clubs fitted with a shaft that suits your swing can make a major improvement on your game. Shafts come in standard sizes, but people don’t so we can also lengthen or shorten the shaft to suit you.

Loft and lie angles

Making sure you have the correct loft and lie angle in your irons and wedges can have a huge impact on how you hit the ball, how it flies and ultimately, your score.

Easily adjusted onsite, we may ask you to hit a few balls under the guidance of a Golf Pro (oh, ok, if I must…) to ensure we get the angles right.

Re-glue loose iron and wood heads

Sometimes things just wiggle loose a little or get trapped under a bag in the boot of the car. Please don’t try gluing these things at home – you can easily ruin a very expensive golf club! Let the Pros handle it and you’ll be back on the fairway before you know it.

To book in your club repair or adjustment job, give us a call on 9484 1666 or simply pop in and see us in the golf shop. We’re open 6am – 8pm, 7 days a week. Depending on the availability of our Golf Pros, we might be able to help there and then, or we’ll give you a call back with a full quote and an estimated time for repairs.

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