We all struggle with life’s ups and downs – Golfers know this more than most. But when your mate’s swing is off, they’re more frustrated than usual, or they just stop showing up, do you know how to ask what’s really going on for them?

It’s time we started improving how we talk about mental wellness and how we can help each other get out of the rough.

Just like you can practice your technique to hit straight down the fairway, you can learn and practice tips and techniques for staying mentally healthy, and how to support those that aren’t doing so well right now.

Join our monthly Bouncing Back sessions on Friday afternoons and start your learning.

We’ll be hitting some golf balls on the driving range in a casual, social set up followed by an open and friendly chat about mental wellness.

Learn how to talk about mental health – it may just save a life, one day.

Starts Friday 30th September, from 4pm. 

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