Repairs and Re-Grips - Have you ever asked these questions?

Posted on July 26, 2022

Commonly asked questions in every golfers head:

  • How do I STOP chunking my wedges?
  • WHY do I have to THREE putt on every hole?
  • Are my clubs too long or short for me?

And the list goes on…

Uncommonly thought of solutions:

  • Maybe my clubs need re-gripping
  • Perhaps by clubs require some re-adjustments
  • Or maybe, my clubs really do need some repairs

At Collier Park, we offer services around all club grips, repairs and adjustments.

All you need to do is bring your clubs in to Collier Park, let us know what you think needs doing, and we’ll get it done. It’s that easy.

And this is worth thinking about, because the negative effects of worn grips alone are worth getting fixed:

When you feel a slippery club, your tendency is to grip tighter so you don’t see it go flying. The impact of this though, can typically result in decreased head club speed, which can cause a loss of distance. 

And grips can be worn down in many ways:

  • Natural elements, rain
  • Leaving clubs out in the sun
  • Oils on your hands
  • And just general overuse…

…so, if you find yourself lacking confidence every time you hit your clubs, think about bringing them for some tender loving care from our golfing experts.

We’re confident we can provide you the right solution!