10%-20% off ALL outerwear in July

Posted on July 17, 2023

Get 10% off ALL Outerwear during July in store! (20% off if you’re a Fairway Member or Collier Park app user)

Come into our pro-shop and get 10% off all outerwear designed to keep you DRY and WARM during the Winter season!

We imagine you’ve:

  • Been wanting to play Golf but the weather has been putting you off
  • Been getting over being cold and wet anytime you play or hit the range
  • Or, you’ve been thinking about spoiling yourself with (insert any outerwear Golf here)…

If this has been you then you’re in luck, because we’ll supply whatever Outwerwear you’ve been wanting for 10% off during July!

(And we’ll even give you 20% off if you download our app). 

So, here’s your plan for Golfing better for less this month:

  1. Visit the Collier Park pro-shop during July and explore our range
  2. Spoil yourself with 10-20% off any outwerwear gear that you like the look of
  3. And enjoy the feeling that comes with brand new gear! (You may even enjoy better Golf because of it).

Don’t wait long! Stock will go quickly as it always does, so get down here soon and make the most of these sales while they’re on.

If you’re not an app user and would like to get 20% off instead of 10%, simply click the button below and follow the prompts to download it:

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