The Mother's Day she ACTUALLY wants this year

Posted on April 14, 2023

How to give her the Mother’s Day she actually wants this year!

Here’s a plan for you where everyone wins.

What Mum really wants isn’t what most Dad’s organise (if they ogranise anything at all).  

You see, most Dad’s revert back to what everyone else does. They plan: 

  • Brunch out with the entire family 
  • An activity for afterwards, where the kids run wild and mum has to chase after them 
  • And a dinner with the other side of the family too… 

By the time the day is done, Mum is exhausted, overwhelmed, and feels like every other mum out there. 

Here’s a tip for ya: why don’t we do it different this year?

You see, what Mum really wants – even if she won’t admit it – is some time to herself.

She works hard, puts her family first, and doesn’t get the chance to have a lot of “me” time anymore.  

Be the Dad that gives her that this year. Get the kids out of the house for some Mini Golf on Mother’s Day, freeing her day up for a few hours to do whatever the he** she wants.  

We’ll keep you and the kids entertained for a while, while Mum is relaxing, recharging, and feeling appreciative for her wonderful family this year.  

We promise she’ll be happy for it.

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