Welcome to Collier Park Golf Course – South Perth’s 27 hole public Golf course that is proud to provide a quality Golf experience for all Golfers, beginner and expert alike!

We’re excited to have you join us! 

To ensure you have the most enjoyable experience possible, we’ve compiled all the essential information you might need for your visit:  


Checkout this video we put together that shows you around our entire venue so you can get your bearings before you come here!

We have plenty of parking bays available here at Collier Park to cater to the demands of our Golf Course. Simply drive down the entryway on Hayman Road (our lake hole should be on your right-hand side) and feel free to park anywhere there to get yourself started.  

Once parked up, grab your clubs and everything else you need and head through our entry way – look for the flag poles as your guide to where to walk through. Our Mini Golf Course should be on your left hand side as you walk into the venue.

Then, to get yourself started, go straight to our Golf-shop.

Please follow directional signage upon entering the venue.  

Visit our Golf-shop: 

As you gear up for your round, please head to our Golf-shop to check-in with our awesome staff. If it’s your first time here, let our staff know and they will get you sorted for your round, and answer any questions you may have.

Here, you can also find the latest Golf equipment, merchandise, and clothing to elevate your Golf game.

Speak to our team if you need any expert tips on playing up to your potential on course, or if you simply want to enjoy a leisurely round of Golf with your own rules!

That choice is up to you.

Visit the Collier Café before/after your round: 

Do yourself a favour and get to Collier Park well before your round starts!

That way, you can enjoy our barista-made coffee (so you don’t have to make a stop on the way) and get any snacks and drinks you may need to help fuel your round. We’ve got everything you need from:

  • home cooked sausage rolls, pies and sandwiches,
  • to pizzas, burgers, and full meals to enjoy

(See our menu here).

Plus! Our entire course is licensed (strictly no BYO) and the bar opens at 10am, so you’ll be able to sink a couple while you’re out there sinking putts.

If you’re playing 18 holes, you’ll conveniently find yourself back at the Cafe so you can quickly grab some food/drink to refuel and treat yourself for your next 9. Please do this quickly though to maintain your spot in the field and not hold up the people behind you.

And once you’re all Golf’d out – don’t forget to head to 19th hole (which is a universal Golfing term for the bar/cafe at every Golf course) for some post round refreshments and a bite to eat to enjoy a proper Golfing experience.  

Go digital with our app: 

Ditch the need for a physical scorecard and download our app instead!

  • Save all your rounds,
  • get distances while you play, and
  • even enjoy a free warmup bucket on the range when you download it for the first time! 

Get here early to warm up and give yourself the best chance to play your best!

Download it here:


Download Now

Where are the first tees? 

We’re lucky to have 27 holes here at Collier Park, with each 9 providing a different challenge and feel to the game.

Here is a graphic of our entire course, showing where the first tee box is for each individual 9 (see red circles). 

When you arrive, please feel free to ask any of our staff members for directions if need be.

We’ll be happy to help! 

What’s the dress code? 

We’re pretty casual here at Collier Park Golf. Play in whatever you’re comfortable in – t-shirts, shorts and shoes are all that’s required. All we ask is for enclosed shoes and no singlets please. 

For more answers to questions like this one, visit our FAQ’s page: https://collierparkgolf.com.au/play/faq/ 

Don’t have your own clubs? 

No worries! Clubs can be hired from our Golf-shop as required.

You can hire a couple of clubs or a whole set, and we’ll sort you out with all the balls and tees you need!

Just come and speak to us in the Golf-shop.  

Make use of our practise facilities! 

We boast some of the best practise facilities in Perth, with a putting green, chipping green, and driving range ready for your use!

Get to Collier Park early and have a proper warm-up.  

Putting green and chipping green is free for use. Driving range bucket prices are listed here: https://collierparkgolf.com.au/practice/ 

Don’t forget these on your day out!

Please remember to bring:

  • a drink bottle
  • sunscreen, and
  • a hat

We live in WA. We know it’s hot here. Take care of yourself and do the right things!

Bring those items above and your day will be much better.

Are you new to Golf?

If you’re new to golf, we understand that it can be quite daunting to walk onto a golf course and have everyone assume you know what you’re doing.

We’ve created a New to Golf Guide to help you get your journey started with this beautiful game.

Check out the guide now and come into the front gates with much more confidence: https://collierparkgolf.com.au/play/new-to-golf/

Want some tips from the pros?

We have some of the best PGA Pros here at Collier Park and they love to provide tips that will help improve your Golf game.

In fact, we have a dedicated page on our website to these tips that you can checkout: https://collierparkgolf.com.au/golf-tips/

And of course, if you want to get personalised coaching for your game, then think about getting a lesson.

Future you will be glad you did: https://collierparkgolf.com.au/learn/

Final note on Safety and etiquette.

For your safety (and the safety of others) please be aware of your surroundings at all times.

  • Follow cart paths and be considerate of other Golfers. Please keep carts off of the greens at all times.
  • Yell “FORE” at anytime when your ball is headed in the direction of other players and there’s a chance it could hit them. Make sure you don’t hit your ball until the group in front is well clear of your shot – if you think they might be out of range they are probably not. 
  • Try to keep up with the group in front of you so that we maintain pace of play and other Golfers aren’t waiting for too long. If there is a group behind you playing quicker than your group, please allow them to play through when there is an appropriate time.
  • Please let the staff know if you see any unruly behaviour while you’re out on course! 
  • When putting on the green, leave your clubs on the side of the green closest to the next tee box/hole and not at the front of the green. This will also help improve pace of play!
  • And please be aware that on our busy course the green-keepers and groundsman have right of way at all times (please make sure they are clear before you hit your shot).

Make everyone’s day out that much better by having as much fun as possible, while being as safe as possible!

If you have any questions about any of the above, please feel free to speak to one of our staff members.

We hope this guide helps you navigate our course with ease and get’s you excited for your round! 

Should you have any further questions our team is always ready to help! 

Enjoy your time here at Collier Park Golf. Thank you for making our course so special.

P.S. – > Still have un-answered questions?

Visit our FAQ’s page and you’ll be sorted!