The Crunch&Sip GolfWA Tiger Tour is Coming to Collier Park!

14th March, 3:45pm Tee Off

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Collier Park Golf Course has partnered with GolfWA to bring a new event to our community, specifically designed for our youngest golfers to enjoy a no-pressure, all-fun round of golf!

Utilising Collier Park’s unique Short Course set up, where each fairway is shortened to make it easier to reach the green, the Tiger Tour event is the first of its kind in Perth to help create a pathway into golf for those that may not have experienced a full golf course before.

Collier Park’s Short Course is designed for those that are just starting out in golf, just after a quick round, recovering from an injury, and little golfers who just want a taste of the course! The shorter fairways reduce the time pressure that may be felt on a traditional golf course, but still demand that all golf skills are used and practiced. It’s quicker to play, reduces frustration and is suitable for all skill levels.

GolfWA’s Tiger Tour event, after school on Monday 14th March, is designed for kids wanting to use their skills learned in beginner golf clinics and get a taste for being out on the course. The Tiger Tour is open to all children aged 4 to 12 years old and consists of four half-length holes using modified rules and scoring to ease players into this great game.

All equipment is provided for those who don’t have their own. Parents are responsible for their kids behaviour and can come onto the course to take those all-important action photos!

Event Details:

Date: Monday 14 March 2022
Time: Tee times from 3.45pm (arrival time 3.30pm)
For: All children aged 4 to 12 years old
Venue: Collier Park Golf Course
Entry Fee: $12
Enter Here via the GolfWA website.

Tiger Tee Rules:

To be played in conjunction with the official rules of golf.

  1. Tiger Tee to Green – a player is allowed 7 shots if the player is not on the green in 7 shots they pick up and place the ball on the nearest edge of the green.
  2. Tiger Tee Golf – allows a maximum of 10 shots per hole, if the player has not holed out in ten shots they pick up and score 10 (and place a circle around the 10). Scores of 1 to 10 shots where the player has holed out record the score without the circle.
  3. Bunkers – should a player’s ball come to rest in a bunker the player is allowed 1 shot to get out, if the player is not successful, they lift and place the ball on the fairway next to the bunker (not nearer to the hole).
  4. Rough – if a player’s ball comes to rest in the rough a player may pick up and drop the ball within two club-lengths of the fairway (but still in the rough), not nearer the hole.
  5. Penalty Area – if a player’s ball enters a penalty area it is a 1 stroke penalty, and the player can place a ball within two club-lengths of where it entered the penalty area, not nearer the hole.
  6. Out of Bounds – if a player’s ball is out of bounds it is a 1 stroke penalty, and the player can place a ball within two club-lengths of the fairway but not nearer the hole.
  7. Windy (miss hit) – should a player swing and miss the ball this is not counted as a shot.

If you want your child to be a part of it, you can sign them up here!