Putt-ing Family First: Fun Family Mini Golf Competition

Posted on April 8, 2024

Introducing Putt-ing Family First: A Fun, Friendly and Family Mini Golf Competition

Take part as a father-daughter, mother-son (or any combination) duo and make some awesome family memories on our Mini Golf Course.



There aren’t many sporting competitions where parents and their children get to play together.

With our Putt-ing Family First competition, you can team up with your favourite child and make memories as a family together!

(Inter-family competitions are absolutely encouraged).

Fun, Friendly and Family Competition – aimed at encouraging connection

On Saturday 25th May, we’re looking for families who want to enjoy a little friendly competition. Where parents team up with their kids and take on other parent-child duos in our community (including inter-family rivalries), for some Mini Golf fun!

And with only 100 tickets available due to the capacity of our Mini Golf Course, you better get in quick.

A mission of ours at Collier Park is to be a community hub, where families can come and enjoy getting active together. Where health and wellness is prioritised and encouraged. And where connection – especially within family – is supported.

That’s why we’re Putt-ing Family First this May with this event! We’d love for you to be a part of it!


So what’s it going to cost and what are the details?

  • Competition starts at 10:30am on Saturday 25th May
  • It’s $30 per parent/child pair only – which includes a sausage sizzle and drink
  • We’re aiming for a 12pm finish with a short presentation afterwards

With some prizes on offer and a chance to make some killer family memories, this is a (fun) competition you won’t want to miss!


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And to clear up any concerns or questions

Does it have to be a father-daughter or mother-son duo?

Absolutely not! The only rule we have is it needs to be an adult-child* pairing, so you can choose what that looks like. 

*the child must be 17 years or younger

Do we need to bring any equipment?

No! We have everything you’ll need here at Collier Park Mini Golf. 

Will we be playing other families? 

You will indeed (in most cases)! This is a great chance for our putting community to come together and enjoy an awesome, friendly competition. Tip: encourage family friends and I’m sure we can try and put you altogether. 

Can we dress up?

Absolutely! There may or may not be prizes on offer for the best dressed group. You won’t just be winning prizes for your putting skills 😉 

How does the competition work?

Like any day out on the Mini Golf course, you and your child will take a mini golf scorecard from our Golf shop, head down to the CPMG course and start putting away from 10:30am. All pairings will start at the same time, which means the entire course will be FULL with other likeminded families, who are excited to have a fun day their kids will remember. 

  • both players – parent & child – will play each hole and tally both scores
  • at the end, both scores will be tallied and counted up by our staff
  • At midday, we’ll have a prizegiving to award our winning pairs – both for their play and their enthusiasm (this is where best dressed will come)
  • And to end the day on a high, all participants will be treated to a sausage sizzle and drink, already paid for as part of your ticket


As always, if you do have any questions you are more than welcome to get in touch with us here at Collier Park!

Buy tickets now and make awesome family memories.