Collier Park Introduces new Short Course

Posted on December 2, 2021

If you’re new to golf, many understand it can be quite daunting to walk out onto a golf course and have everyone assume you know what you’re doing. That’s why Collier Park Golf have introduced a new Twilight Short Course, the perfect entry to getting out there with no pressure.

With golf continuing to surge as a popular sport post-pandemic (Golf Australia), the short course was introduced as a relaxed pathway to getting into golf for beginners, no matter what age.

Every Monday – Thursday afternoon, as part of the Twilight Golf offering, a shorter course is set up to overlay one of the 9-hole courses at Collier Park. The short course makes it much easier to reach the green and reduces the time pressure, but still demands that all skills are used and practiced.

Players may begin their love of golf on the mini golf course at Collier Park, by attending a beginners’ clinic or enjoying a few casual hits on the driving range. The short course is designed to create an easier entry point onto the course for new players and is a great next step to build confidence, without the pressure of distance and strict rules.

Venue Manager, Gemma Nicholson, is excited for the new development; “It’s about opening up the great game of golf to more people” she said. “If we can reduce some barriers and a bit of that fear factor, more people will learn that golf can be relaxed, fun and excellent for their physical and mental health. You don’t need to be an expert to enjoy getting out on the course!”.

The new initiative at Collier Park is not just for beginners, even if you’re a seasoned golfer, the short course offers the ability for all types of players to work on their short game and improve their technique and distance control. As we know, those shorter shots count just as much as those longer drives.

Golf WA Game Development & Performance Manager, Marc Pike, embraces the new short course and says,  “As well as being a great entry point into golf, the Collier Park short course is an excellent way to bridge the gap between new golfers and experienced handicapped golfers. The ability to have a version of the game where different abilities and ages can play together and enjoy being out on the course can only do great things for our game. Where grandparents can play alongside their grandkids, mothers and sons can share a game, or friends can easily introduce their mates to the course, golf becomes a game for everyone. It becomes more accessible, inclusive and enjoyable for a wider range of people.”

The team at Collier Park Golf look forward to welcoming new players of all ages, abilities and experience to enjoy the game, whether that’s on the mini golf course, driving range, short course, or on any of their three uniquely designed 9 hole courses.

Book a round on the 9 hole short course online, making sure to book a twilight tee time mid-week including ‘short course’.