Chase the Ace Competition!

Posted on October 19, 2022


On Friday 24th March, Mike Stone won our first Chase the Ace event!

With the pot rising to a HUGE $2,915, Mike stepped up and knocked in the hole in one to take 90% of the winnings. Here’s how it finished up:

  • Total pot = $2,915
  • Mike’s winnings (90%) = $2,623.50
  • with the remaining 10% going to Activate Mental Health = $291.50

This means Chase the Ace is now closed for Summer! Thank you to everyone who came along and helped make this event so successful.

If you had fun and are disappointed you won’t be the winner, don’t stress! We’ll be back with this awesome event in Spring so keep an eye out.

Maybe next time you’ll be the one to Chase the Ace!


Will you get the hole in one and win the jackpot?

Starting Friday 20th of January, we’re going to start our very own (weekly) Golfing Chase the Ace competitionin collaboration with the events sponsor, Titleist!

  • $5 entry – your name will be pulled out of the raffle to see if you get the chance to try and Chase the Ace
  • If your name is called, you get 3x balls to hit a hole in one
  • 70 metres out
  • Pot starts at $500

If you miss, your $5 is added to the pot. And that number keeps on growing until someone finally wins!

The lucky (or skilled) person who sinks the hole in one will win 90% of the pot – with the remaining 10% going to a charity that our staff have handpicked.

  • That means if the pot gets to $1,000 – you’ll get $900 and the rest will go to charity.
  • If it gets to $10,000 – you’ll get $9,000 and the rest will go to charity.
  • (You get the picture).

So who knows! If no one gets it in after a few weeks or so, imagine how big the pot could grow!

(and imagine how much you could win by putting your Golf skills to the test).

Here are the details for each week:

  • 3x balls for only $5 – both card and cash – your name will go into the raffle and we’ll draw names on who gets to take 3x shots
  • Your $5 will go into a raffle, with a different prize each week – so even if you don’t win the money in the pot, you can still win the raffle!
  • There’ll be a free middy of beer, soft drink, or glass of wine for nearest to the pin each week – stick around after your shot because that could be you!
  • 10% of jackpot going to charity, 90% going to you if you sink a hole in one!
  • Starting 20th January – every Friday night from 5.30pm, finishing at 6.30pm
  • PGA pros not allowed

See you every Friday night – starting January 20th – for your chance to win!